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  • 04.06.2010
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Asian swine flu

The Philippines is the latest country to report cases of African swine fever and has culled more than 7, pigs in an effort to control the spread. South-east Asia is battling to contain the spread of highly contagious African swine fever, known as “pig Ebola”, which has already led to the culling of millions of pigs in China and Vietnam. China is home to almost half of the world’s pigs and the news sent the global price of. UN body urges Asian states to tackle what's being described as the If they die because of swine flu then everybody in the family will die too,". Jun 06,  · It’s also remarkable when you compare it to the million poultry in 63 countries that were culled following the outbreak of avian flu in China in This African swine fever outbreak, in Author: Vox Staff. The Swine flu was initially seen in humans in Mexico in , where the strain of the particular virus was a mixture from 3 types of strains. Six of the genes are very similar to the H1N2 influenza virus that was found in pigs around Swine influenza virus is common throughout pig populations labottesexy.comlty: Infectious disease. The flu pandemic in Asia, part of an epidemic in of a new strain of influenza A virus subtype H1N1 causing what has been commonly called swine flu, afflicted at least , people in Asia with 2, confirmed deaths: there were 1, deaths confirmed in India, deaths in China, deaths in Turkey, deaths in Thailand, and deaths in South Korea.
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