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  • 12.09.2010
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Do video games cause teen violence

an image of a man in camoflauge shooting a gun in a video game All this has led adults to worry that violent games are making teens act. The teens were asked questions surrounding video game play, such as Violent video game engagement is not associated with adolescents'. But looking at the science, does playing violent games actually encourage violent from more complex and systemic causes of youth violence. Dec 21,  · Even if violent video games cause some aggression does that necessarily mean that it also causes violence. A person can be angry but not necessarily angry enough to harm someone. When it comes to video games, however, the story changes. Many video games encourage violent acts, and the teen is usually rewarded for them with extra points and abilities. Taking part in violent acts, even if only pretend, can increase the chances of teens acting out violently in real life. Feb 13,  · As video games have become more life-like and violent, people are questioning whether teenagers playing such games might become more aggressive. DOI: /rsos
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