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  • 08.06.2010
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Friend diagnosed breast cancer

If a friend or family member has been diagnosed with breast cancer, there are a number of things you can do to help or support them. 1. Practical support 2. breast cancer share with you the things they found helpful The news that your friend has breast cancer has . getting rid of a wig, one year after diagnosis, two. Do you have a friend or colleague who has been diagnosed with breast cancer? Are you unsure how this may affect your relationship or what kind of support. Sep 27,  · The last thing you want is to bring those emotions into a friend's life. I will never forget running into a friend as I dropped off a child at school shortly after being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. It had been less than a month. I was just starting to tell people about the diagnosis. My friend of many years phoned me to say she was diagnosed with Sage 4 cancer,I made it known to her how much I care for her,I would now and then send her a message,or call she would respond and some times called labottesexy.com for the last month she does nt respond to my call or messages,I have no relationship with her husband and childern, but thy. Here, several cancer survivors offer insight into the acts of kindness your friend may most appreciate. Just Be There “When I was first diagnosed, the thing that my friends did that was most helpful was to hold me while I cried,” says Kay Wells, who developed breast cancer three years ago.
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