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Asian customs and traditions

Asia's various modern cultural and religious spheres correspond roughly with the principal centers of civilization. Chinese culture reflects the customs and traditions of one of the largest countries in the world, with billion people. There are more Asian people in the world than anyone else. KW checks out some of their traditions. Traditions and Custom. China is a country steeped in ancient customs and traditions of which the native people are proud. To many people in the west countries, the word 'China' typically conjure up thoughts of dragons, giant pandas, the color, the number 8 and the distinctive calligraphs, all of which are traditional to this country. Asian refers to all the people who are residing in Asia. There are many countries that form a part of the continent of Asia like the Islamic nations and the Southeastern countries of Nepal, India and Bangladesh. Asia has the largest land mass in the whole world and is a home to a majority of human population that is residing in the world. Chinese Food. Chinese Tea. China is one of the Four Ancient Civilizations (alongside Babylon, India and Egypt), according to Chinese scholar Liang Qichao (). It boasts a vast and varied geographic expanse, 3, years of written history, as well as a rich and profound labottesexy.com: Mercier Zeng.
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