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  • 13.06.2010
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Lump on bikini line

If you're into removing the hair on your bikini line, it might feel like having perfectly smooth skin in that area is about as likely as spotting a. A Wisconsin woman was shocked after a bump on her bikini line that she thought was an ingrown hair turned out to be a sign of skin cancer. I recently noticed a pretty large lump right on my bikini line, right where my groin intersects with my inner thigh. The lump is not painful and very. Hi, For the past two or three weeks I have had a small, painful bump under the skin on my upper thigh. It's near my bikini line. I don't think it's an ingrown hair, because it feels different. I mainly feel pain when I touch it or if I cross my legs, or if my clothes rub against it. I too have had a cyst removed from the bikini line, between the leg and the vulva. To start with antibiotics used to make it manageable but would never get rid of it totally. I then had 5 years where it behaved, was just a small hard lump, no bother. Then for the last 18 months it was hell on earth and bucket loads of antibiotics didn't help. Jan 07,  · Not sure if that bump on your bikini line is an ingrown hair or something else? You’ll basically be a detective after reading labottesexy.com: Korin Miller.
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