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Hard movable lump in breast

A lipoma is soft, noncancerous lump that is generally movable and painless. It is a benign, A breast cancer lump or tumor usually feels hard or firm. It typically. Breast lumps can develop in the left or right breast, or in both. appearance or texture compared with the rest of the breast; a lump that is hard or one or more round, movable masses under the breast skin; smooth, rubbery. There are different types of breast lumps. and are generally movable when palpated (rolled with pads of the fingers). malignant tumors appear first as SINGLE, HARD LUMPS OR THICKENINGS that are frequently, but not always, painless. Jul 25,  · What You Must Know if You Find a Lump in Your Breast. Fluid The symptom: Fluid leaking from both nipples. Could be: Milky discharge. Caused by: A thyroid or pituitary gland problem, perhaps. Other obvious causes are pregnancy, birth control pills, or nipple stimulation. What to do: Talk to your doc; if it's a gland problem, Author: Health Editor. Fat Necrosis and Oil Cysts. Fat necrosis may occur which feels like a hard lump, or instead, benign oil cysts may occur. Fat necrosis can sometimes be frightening as, in addition, it may cause breast discharge and tethering of the nipple and skin, signs that women are taught to watch for when doing self breast Author: Pam Stephan. The lumps may be hard or rubbery and could feel like a single (large or small) lump. Fibrocystic changes can also cause breast tissue to thicken. These changes are often most noticeable during your.
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