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  • 02.04.2010
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Increase sexual value

Your sexual market value is how much value you provide to someone looking for a mate. But take heart, there are ways to boost your SMV. Though many have never heard of the sexual market place or their sexual marketplace value, it's something that affects each and every one of our lives. You see. This is, first, because of the increased separation of sexual activity from marriage. . Finally, 4) the attitudes, values and norms of family members are important. Mean male sexual value over 30 year period: Mean female sexual value over 30 year period: By this unbiased calculation of actual data, the male and female of the species exhibit the same sexual market value. The OKCupid chart has good, reliable information for both sexes. Apr 06,  · Back in my high school and early college days, I kept asking myself the same question. I really wanted to know how to get a girlfriend, and it seemed that if I could just figure out what women wanted, I'd be able to understand how I could make mys. How To Increase Your Sexual Market Value. So, now that you have all aspects of your SMV calculated you should know exactly where you stand. You should also have a realistic assessment of what areas you need to improve on and how much that improvement will increase your SMV.
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