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  • 31.07.2010
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Sex in your forties

“Both men and women deal with hormone changes in their 40s that can cause changes in sexual arousal, desire and general physical comfort during sexual activity,” says Shannon Chavez, a licensed psychologist and certified sex therapist in Los Angeles, CA. “Changes in hormones may. Sex in your forties. They used to say “life begins at forty” to stop us becoming depressed, and while hitting the big four-oh isn't quite the rebirth. But I'd rather trust the word of year-old Cameron Diaz, who says—with relish —that sex keeps her young. Little do the Millennials know that the best is yet to. Jun 24,  · The common myth is by the time you hit your forties, your sex life will be non-existent. I’m happily married with three children, two of whom are teenagers, but I’m having better sex now, at Author: Samantha Evans. Just because you’ve gone through menopause doesn’t mean your sex life has to end, or even get worse. Get advice here on how to maintain a fulfilling sex life during and after menopause. Read Author: Leah Campbell. May 18,  · You can also try the "flatiron" variation of the all-fours sex position: Lie facedown, knees slightly bent and hips slightly raised (so your butt is in the air), with a pillow under your chest for Author: Hallie Levine.
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