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  • 10.08.2010
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Breast cancer doctor

Learn how to choose the best doctors for your needs when diagnosed with breast cancer, and when you should get a second opinion. WebMD explains the various roles of doctors who specialize in breast cancer treatment, such as breast surgeons and radiation oncologists. How do you find a specialist to treat breast cancer? And how do you know where to have your treatments? Let the experts at WebMD help. Dec 15,  · An oncologist is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Your oncologist will order imaging tests and other laboratory tests to rule out breast cancer or confirm a. Most masses found in the breast are benign (non-cancerous), however some masses are found to be malignant (cancerous) and therefore require proper treatment from specialized breast cancer doctors. Breast cancer is a serious disease and anyone afflicted . Most breast cancer doctors are very comfortable with their patients seeking a second opinion. Many health insurance companies will pay for a second opinion if you or your doctor requests it, and some companies require a second labottesexy.comon: Network Boulevard Suite , Frisco, , Texas.
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