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How long do you cook a turkey breast per pound

Roasting the Turkey Breast in the Oven turkey for 25 to 30 minutes per 1 pound ( Turkey breast cooking times vary according to the size of the meat and the style of cooking. Low and slow at F means it'll be in the oven for at least 2 hours. The best way cook roast turkey breast isn't in the crockpot, but in the oven For bone-in turkey breast, I give it 15 minutes per pound, or 45 minutes or until the. Oct 27,  · ▸ Cook until the temperature in the thickest part of the meat comes to around ºF. ▸ When placed on medium to high heat, it can take somewhere around 2 hours and 45 minutes, and when cooked on lower heat, it will require about 5 to 6 labottesexy.com: Rutuja Jathar. But to give you a short answer, when smoking a turkey breast at degrees Fahrenheit, figure on about 1/2 hour per pound. Thank You! by: Susie Thank you for all the tips! Nov 24,  · Generally, a totally frozen turkey breast will thaw in about 24 hours in the fridge. Once thawed, the turkey can be kept refrigerated for several days before roasting. Turkey breasts can also be dry-brined or wet-brined, just like turkey. Be sure to start .
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