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  • 24.04.2010
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How many women have anal sex

More women might be open to backdoor sex than you think, according to a new study from Indiana University's Kinsey Institute for Research in. Although much scholarly attention has been paid to anal intercourse between men who have sex with men, research on women's experiences. Many of the women also endorsed positive emotional experiences of AI, including Recent interest in heterosexual anal intercourse has been. According to the results of a new study on the anal sex habits of women published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, over a third of women surveyed between the ages of 14 and 44 reported having tried anal sex in their lifetime, but just % said they'd had it within the past 12 months. Mar 20,  · I don't know which country / culture you are from, "women generally disapprove of anal sex" is a pretty sweeping generalization. Something like half of American women have tried it. I haven't looked for data on what percentage of American men hav. Aug 14,  · A study published in BMJ Open examined young people's attitudes about anal sex and found that the majority of young women who had engaged in anal sex Author: Gigi Engle.
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