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  • 09.02.2010
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Breast milk smells bad

Have you ever questioned the taste or smell of your breast milk? Does it sometimes smell just a little “off” and you're not sure why? Many moms. Human milk that has truly soured has a very distinct sour taste and odor – much like soured cow's milk. If your milk doesn't smell distinctly sour. A small number of mothers find that their expressed breast milk smells and even tastes bad after refrigeration or thawing, even if they follow. Jun 26,  · Breast milk generally has very little odour. Sometimes it may smell or taste like something the mother has eaten recently, or been stored next to in the fridge, such as onion or garlic. Sometimes it is said to smell or taste sweet or soapy, metallic or even a little sour. However, there are some situations where frozen or refrigerated milk smells and tastes bad, even when all the recommended storage guidelines have been followed. Lipase is a beneficial digestive enzyme found in all breast milk whose function is to break down fat and help digest the milk. Lipase activity increases as the milk gets labottesexy.com: Anne Smith, IBCLC. Apr 06,  · Even if the date on the carton tells you that your milk should still be good, there are various factors that can cause your milk to go bad before its time. Examining the smell, consistency, and color of the milk, testing it with heat, or seeing if it reacts with baking soda will tell you if the milk is bad%(14).
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