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Stress fracture thumb

A thumb fracture is a break in one of the two small bones (phalanges) that make up the thumb. It is important to treat a thumb fracture as soon as possible--or the. Thumb fractures are usually a result of direct stress, such as from a fall or catching a baseball without a glove. Fractures may be caused indirectly from twisting or. Hairline or stress fractures are tiny cracks on a bone that often develop in the foot or lower leg. It is common for hairline fractures to occur as a. A base of the thumb metacarpal fracture includes. extra-articular fractures ; Bennett fracture (partial intra-articular) Rolando fracture (complete intra-articular) severely comminuted fracture; Epidemiology. incidence. 80% of thumb fractures involve the metacarpal base; the most common pattern is extraarticular epibasal fracture; Pathophysiology4/5. Thumb fractures are usually caused by direct stress, such as from a fall. A thumb fracture may happen when a ball catches and pulls the thumb back. Some fractures may be caused indirectly, from twisting or muscle contractions, as occur in wrestling, hockey, football, and skiing. Sep 24,  · A thumb fracture is a crack or break in one or more of the bones in your thumb. A direct blow, such as a fall, can cause a thumb fracture. It can also happen when your thumb is twisted, pulled back, or bent with force.
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