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John pruitt naked

John Pruitt hot naked ass (Colt Studio Group). John Pruitt Classic nude Colt model John Pruitt rubbing soap on his semi-hard cock in the. The name Pruitt has . Apr 6, The name Pruitt has been in the news an awful lot lately. But this vintage photo of classic Colt model John Pruitt taking a shower proves not all Pruitts are. other gay blogs! A gay photo blog devoted to naked men, naturally!. Aug 29, Labels: JOHN PRUITT, MEN OF COLT, MUSCLES . Best Male Blogs. Best Male Blogs - naked men, gay porn, homo culture, queer blogs. Jul 05,  · In fact, pictures of John Pruitt were some of the first gay porn pictures I ever saw when I was a wee lad. And I would be surprised if I was alone. But those first images I saw of a naked man stayed with me longer than I thought. For one, John had a GORGEOUS face. A month or two back, a reader commented on this post, wondering what John Pruitt looked like these days. For those of you living under a rock, John Pruitt, whose real name is James Yount, was a porn titan at Colt Studios back in the 80s. Jun 24,  · Colt Studios releases long-lost John Pruitt video! The full video is on Colt's subscription website but you can see a sample on MusclePit if you register (free). John Pruitt is, of course, the hottest man to have ever existed.
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