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  • 27.03.2010
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How should a vagina smell

Despite what the ads may say, it's normal for your vagina to smell a certain way. Here are 7 smells you should know and why it happens. In other words, vaginas are supposed to have a smell. According to a one study, there are 2, separate "odiferous effluents" (translation. Maybe you've wondered, "Does my vagina smell normal?" YourTango gets down to business. I don't care how comfortable you are with your. Oct 25,  · "I don't know how to describe what your vagina is supposed to smell like, but I can tell you what it shouldn't smell like," says Mary Jane Minkin, M.D., clinical professor of obstetrics Author: Christine Schoenwald. Aug 07,  · So how do you make your vagina smell good? Have a vagina. They smell great. And I hate the myth that they don't, all of the fish jokes, and the deodorizing products meant to make believe it should. Apr 08,  · If you actually smell like fish, it is a sign of bacterial vaginosis, and you should go set a watchman down there. If your vagina smells rotten, there may be a tampon or tampon bits lodged deep Author: Bethy Squires.
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