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  • 23.01.2010
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Christopher atkins gay

Christopher Atkins is an American actor who became famous following his debut film role in the . "Christopher Atkins: Poster Child for Gay Rights Movement?". Met Christopher Atkins at the Sherman Oaks Galleria Starbucks this In Hollywood readers what he had to say about his huge gay fan base. As a gay kid in the s, I’ll never forget the first time I saw Christopher Atkins in The Blue Lagoon. I thought an angel had descended from the Heavens, and was now stuck on a deserted island with Brooke Shields. If there was a story, it eluded me as my eyes feasted upon a blond. Although Christopher Atkins has never admitted to being gay, the media always considers the likelihood of one day reporting on the other. Christopher Atkins has never made any public statement about this, so all rumors about if Christopher Atkins is gay remain completely unfounded and unproven. Jan 29,  · Back in the early ’80s, just after the release of the then-controversial film The Blue Lagoon, Atkins says his nude scene made him an unexpected poster child for the gay rights movement. Jan 06,  · Met Christopher Atkins at the Sherman Oaks Galleria Starbucks this morning to talk about then (“Blue Lagoon,” “Dallas,” “The Pirate Movie” “Night of Heaven”) and now (VH1’s “Confessions of a Teen Idol”).. Chris, now 47 and the father of two college kids, has never stopped acting with more than 50 movie roles under his belt. I’ll have a full column on Chris in a few days.
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