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Surgical removal of breast

A mastectomy is surgery to remove the entire breast. The surgery is most often done to treat breast cancer. Nipple sparing mastectomy: The surgeon removes the entire breast, but leaves the nipple and areola (the colored circle around the nipple) in place. A mastectomy is a way to treat breast cancer by surgically removing a breast and sometimes nearby tissues. In the past, a radical mastectomy with complete removal of the breast, lymph nodes in the underarm, and some chest muscles under the breasts, was the standard treatment for. Find out how you have surgery to remove the whole breast for breast cancer. The surgeon removes all of the breast, including the nipple. The surgeon will talk to you before the operation about the options for breast reconstruction. Most women with breast cancer have some type of surgery as part of their treatment. There are different types of breast surgery, and it may be done for different reasons, depending on the situation. For example, surgery may be done to: Remove as much of the cancer as possible (breast-conserving Last Revised: August 18, Breast lump removal is the surgical removal of a cancerous lump inside the breast. It’s also known as a lumpectomy. A biopsy can show a lump in the breast is cancerous. The goal of the procedure Author: Brian Krans. Mastectomy is the surgical removal of a breast. Surgery is presently the most common treatment for breast cancer. Following mastectomy, immediate or delayed breast .
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